Sunday, June 8, 2008

In Process: Gravity's Rainbow (Thomas Pynchon)

Went directly from Ubik - short, muscular, hyperactive - to Gravity's Rainbow. In the same sitting.

It was like going to bed with Colin Farrell and waking up with Marlon Brando.

Just Finished: Ubik (Philip K. Dick)

Hmmmm... I like to think of myself as very open-minded, but I suspect that science fiction - even by a master - is just not my thing.

The book itself is very short, and very energetic - things happen BAM! BAM! BAM! but the genre assumes you have a certain level of familiarity with their "precog" this and "psi" that lingo that I would most certainly not have, had it not been for Minority Report. (Was that based on a Dick book?)

Recommend? Yes, wholeheartedly to a sci-fi lover (which I actually already have) with some reservations to anyone else.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Abandoned: White Noise (Don DeLillo)

As the inaugural novel of this little experiment, I chose White Noise - primarily because I found I already had it. It has very nearly been enough to make me abandon the whole thing.

I wish I knew what it was about the novel that makes other think it great - at least I could then view it as literary calisthenics - the kind of grunt work you do to learn to appreciate some facet of literature (and this - this is exactly the kind of book people are referring to when they talk about LITtrachur).

Somewhere in the first chapter or two, I found myself PRAYING that the wife would be caught - inflagrante - with the coworker and the whole thing could go all prick lit. And maybe it does. But in the meantime, this puppy is going to the back of line - right in front of Deliverance, my other "do I have to?" listing.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The idea

I read - alot. Rather indescriminately, but I read everything - mysteries, romance, sci fi, classics. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 books per year. So when I happened upon Time Magazine's 100 greatest english language novels, I was rather shocked to find out how few of them I had actually read.

So here's my shtick: Come March 1st, I'm going to read all 100 of them. I'll give myself credit for the whopping SEVEN that I've previously read, but I'm reading all 93 of the remaining list.

Before I read anything else.

So no more Robert Parker, no Jane Austen, no Jennifer Crusie. No Amy Tan, no Jeffery Deaver, no nothing.

Why March 1st you ask? Well, Christmas is coming, and that's expensive. And books are expensive. And I have to throw two 300 person parties in January and February.

Also, I had joined book mooch months ago and promptly forgot about it. I'm going to take my books I don't need (no, not all of them - just the ones I don't feel compelled to reread), but them on the book mooch, and use the credits for the books I need to finish this little project. Hopefully by March 1st, I'll have a little stockpile of books to start off with.

I'll be reporting in on my progress, giving quickie book reviews (how pedestrian is my taste if I hate the greatest novels of all time?).

Any recommendations for where to start?